Local Grant Helps New Businesses In Downtown Antigo

The Downtown Antigo Entrepreneurs Grant Program was designed to encourage business owners to fill the empty downtown buildings. The grant reimburses a business up to 25 percent for certain expenses.

“The grant is for eligible projects for startup costs and improvements to the building itself, so there are a little bit of ineligible costs, which would be the purchase price of the building and so forth,” says Angie Close, the executive director of the Langlade County Economic Development Corporation.

So far only two businesses have been approved for the grant.

One of the businesses is already open. The other should open later this year.

The Langlade County Economic Development Corporation hopes more business owners apply for the grant.

“It started with a $75,000 in the grant itself,” says Close. “It’s a 25 percent reimbursement grant and, to date, we have about $65,000 left in that grant.”

For more information on the grant, click here.

Source: WJFW-TV 12