Agriculture in Langlade County, Wisconsin

Langlade County's Diverse Agricultural Industry Generates Millions of Dollars

In the nineteenth century, Langlade County’s major industry — logging — gave rise to a burgeoning agricultural industry. Hundreds of Langlade County loggers began farming to supplement their own needs rather than travel outside the area to purchase food or feed. As broad areas were cleared for pasture and wild hay production, agriculture quickly became a stable means of supplementing their logging wages.

Today, both potato and dairy production are the foundation of Langlade County’s agricultural industry. Family-owned farms, food processing companies and agriculture-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenues.

Langlade County has 116,386 acres of farmland with potato and vegetable production and dairy as the main agricultural enterprises.  This is 21% of the county’s land.  This includes cropland, rangeland, pasture, tree farms and farm forests.

As stewards of the land, farmers use conservation practices, such as crop rotation, nutrient management and integrated pest management, to protect environmental resources and provide habitat for wildlife.

  • Langlade County leads the state in the production of seed potatoes, with nearly 10,000 acres utilized for seed potato production.
  • 33% of the total land area in Langlade County is comprised of national, state- and county-owned land that includes portions of the Nicolet National Forest and the Wolf River.
  • Langlade County supports other diverse agricultural industries, including logging, lumber, Christmas trees, wreaths, maple syrup, tree farms, apple orchards, berry production, honey and ginseng.
  • Agriculture comprises 15.5 % of Langlade County’s workforce with 1,640 jobs.  Every job in agriculture generates an additional .078 jobs in the county.
  • Langlade County’s agricultural industries generate $124 million in economic activity, accounting for 35 percent of Langlade County’s total economic activity.
  • Langlade County agriculture accounts for $99.2 million, or 13.3%, of the county’s total income.  This includes wages, salaries, benefits and profits of farmers and workers in agriculture-related businesses.  Every dollar of agricultural income generates an additional $0.95 of county income.
  • Every dollar of sales from Langlade County agricultural products generates an additional $0.53 of economic activity in other parts of the county’s economy.
  • Economic activity associated with Langlade County’s farms and agriculture-related businesses generates $8.1 million in local and state taxes.
  • Langlade County was ranked #4 in Wisconsin's vegetables industry in 2021.

Vegetable Production

Vegetable production is an important part of Langlade Count’s agriculture.  In 2012, the market value of vegetable crops was $45.9 million, or 44  percent of the total market value of all agricultural products sold in the county. There are over 10,000 acres of potatoes and over 3,100 acres of snapbeans raised in Langlade County.

Recent polls and studies reveal the local food trend. Nearly everyone, from local consumers to large chain stores, is taking part at some level. A 2008 survey found that 82 percent of American consumers had purchased local food.  Langlade County farmers sell directly to consumers from roadside stands, farmers’ markets, auctions and pick-your-own operations, with 34 farms generating $623,000 in local food sales.  To learn more about how to market your locally grown food, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has a third edition of Wisconsin Local Food Marketing GuideThis 106-page document is intended as a resource for farmers and producers.  It will acquaint you with some of the opportunities you can use to start up a new business, market your food products, agritourism trails, and resources for your agriculture product.  You will learn from those who pioneered innovative production and marketing approaches. Understanding what’s involved in local food marketing will better prepare you for success.

Dairy Production

Dairy farming is the major agricultural industry in Langlade County in terms of combined on-farm value and processing value. On-farm production and milk sales account for $38.6 million.  Processing mil into dairy products generate another $87.5 million.

  • There is one plant that processes dairy products in Langlade County
  • On-farm milk production accounts for 250 jobs, and dairy processing accounts for 290 jobs.
  • At the county level, each dairy cow generates $4,085 in on-farm sales to producers.
  • At the state level, each dairy cow generates over $34,000 in total sales.

Forestry and Horticulture

Langlade County is one of the leaders in the state for the number of employees working in the forest products sector.  This is partially due to the fact that Langlade County has 419,690 acres of forest land which is 73.9% forested area. Public forest land make up 181,790 acres; whereas, private forest land has 237,900 acres.

  • Forestry is one of the top ten employers in the county.
  • There are an estimated 686 people employed in the woods products industry with a total payroll of $24 million.
  • The sales of Christmas trees, fruits and vegetables, greenhouse, nursery and floriculture products total $47.4 million.
  • Landscape and grounds maintenance businesses create additional full-time jobs and many seasonal jobs.
  • Forestry provides 3.8% of the jobs and 4.3% of the output in the county.
  • Every job in forestry supports 1.2 additional jobs in the county.
  • Every million dollars of output in forestry creates $826,000 output in other sectors.

Major Langlade County Agricultural Enterprises

Frontier-Servco FS
2300 Hwy 45 N Antigo, WI  54409 (715) 623-6311
Frontier-Servco FS is an agricultural cooperative serving patrons throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We supply seed, fertilizer and chemicals to farmers and provide an array of services including nutrient management, precision farming, soil sampling, custom spraying, GPS variable rate spreading and much more. We not only provide agricultural products, but we supply bulk fuels, lubricants and propane to various industries ranging from logging to excavators to manufacturers.

Spring Breeze Dairy LLC
N4646 Hill Road, Bryant WI, 54418 (715) 623-6623

Nagel Dairy Farms LLC
N6841 County Road V, Deerbrook, WI 54424 (715) 623-0566

Evergreen Dairy Resort
N427 Evergreen Road, Antigo WI 54409 (715) 627-4098

Baginski Farms, Inc.
N3474 County H, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 627-7753
Baginski Farms, Inc., grows Auburn Glow, Baby Boomer, Baby Lou, Belmonda, Colomba, CW08221-5rus, Goldrush, Mercury Russet, Modoc, Norland (Red Selection), Plover Russet, Russet Burbank, Russet Norkotah Sel 8, SIlverton, and Superior potatoes. The farm is in its fourth generation and has grown to over 2000 acres.

Bula Potato Farms, Inc.
W11957 Highland Road, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 275-3430
Bula Potato Farms, Inc. grows A08433-4STO, Caribou Russet, Lady Liberty (NY152), Lakeview Russet (W9433-1Rus), Norland (Dark Red Selection, Plover RUsset (W9133-1Rus), Reveille Russet, Silverton, Superior, Umatilla Russet, Vanguard Russet, and Yukon Gold potatoes. It is a fourth-generation family-owned farm.

Fleischman, David Farms
N2568 Cty Hwy HH, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-6353
Grows Goldrush, Mercury Russet, Norland (Dark Red Selection), Norland (Red Selection), Russet Norkotah, Silverton, Superior, and Yukon Gold potatoes.

Gallenberg Farms, Inc.
W7932 Edison Road, Bryant, WI 54418 | (715) 623-7018
Grows Goldrush, MegaChip, Norland (Dark Red Selection), Oneida Gold (W6703-1Y), Red Prairie (W8405-1R), and Superior potatoes.

Guenther Farms, Inc.
N4653 Chillie Rd., Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 627-7683
Grows Langlade, Paroli, and Red LaSoda 10-3 potatoes.

GP Ventures, Inc.
N3120 Western Ave, PO Box 320, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-7877
Grows Frito-Lay varieties, Jelly, Malou, and Snowden potatoes.

Hafner Seed Farms, Inc.
W8243 County B, Bryant, WI 54418 | (715) 623-6829
Grows Atlantic, Goldrush, Russet Norkotah, Silverton, Snowden, and Superior potatoes.

Hartman Farms, Inc.
N2846 County HH, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-7083
Grows Goldrush, Norland (Dark Red Selection), Norland (Red Selection), Russet Norkotah, and Superior potatoes.

Hyland Lakes Potato Inc
N4491Hwy BB Antigo, WI 54409 (715) 623-6293
Hyland Lakes Brand was started by Herb Wolter in 1951. Glen Wolter joined his father Herb in the farm operation in 1970. In 1982 Glen purchased the farm and formed Hyland Lakes Spuds. Glen’s son Keith Wolter is Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer of the potato operation, while Glen still serves as Owner and President. The farm raises 665 acres of potatoes including Russet Norkotah, Russet Norkotah C0-8, Silverton, Dark Red Norland, and Pike. Chip varieties include Pikes and Snowdens. The farm also raises 575 acres of alfalfa, 737 acres of field corn, 440 acres of sweet corn, and 260 acres of soybeans.

J.W. Mattek & Sons, Inc
N5798 Star Neva Road, Deerbrook, WI 54424 | (715) 623-6963
Since the 1800’s, farming has been a way of life for the Mattek family. James W. Mattek operated a dairy and potato business. His sons, Eugene and James J. Mattek concentrated their efforts on potatoes and were early pioneers in the certified seed program. In 1960, the farm became incorporated and continues to raise quality foundation and certified seed potatoes.

Kakes Farms, LTD
W8539 Kakes Road, Bryant, WI 54418 | (715) 623-6348
Grows Atlantic, Fri-Lay Varieties, Goldrush, Lady Liberty, Mackinaw, Snowden, and Umatilla Russet potatoes.

Köhm and Spychalla, LLC
N4244 Hwy 52, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-5773 or (715) 216-7449
Grows Crestone Russet and NY163 potatoes.

Langlade Potato Distribution
W4020 State Hwy 52, Antigo WI 54409 | (715) 627-4873
Established in 1989, Langlade Potato Distribution is a wholesale distributor of Wisconsin potatoes.

Schroeder Brothers Farms
N1435 County Road D, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-2689
Schroeder Bros. Farms, Inc. grows Red Norland, Dark Red Norland, Atlantics, Snowdens, Superiors, Pikes, MegaChip, Burbanks, Norkotahs, Goldrush, Norkotah Line 8s Freedoms, Norkotah TX296, Silverton and FritoLay seed potato varieties. The family farm is a three-time winner of Frito-Lay’s seed grower of the year award (2004, 2009, 2010) and is the largest Frito-Lay seed producer in the U.S. Most recently, John H. Schroeder was inducted into the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association Hall of Fame.

Seidl Farms, Inc.
N5677 Chillie Road, Deerbrook, WI 54424 | (715) 623-6236
Grows Atlantic, Goldrush, Manistee, Norland (Red Selection), Russet Norkotah, and Snowden potatoes.

Spychalla James Farms Inc.
N3974 State Highway 52, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-5773
Spychalla James Farms Inc is a business providing services in the produce industry.

Sunnydale Farms, Inc.
W9751 County I, Bryant, WI 54418 | (715) 627-7401
Grows Atlantic, Norland (Dark Red Selection), Red Prairie (W8405-1R), Snowden, and Superior Potatoes

Wild Seed Farms, Inc.
W9797 Cherry Rd, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 623-3366
Third-generation family owned farm. Grows Atlantic, Frito-Lay varieties, and Red LaSoda 10-3 potatoes.

Wirz, Inc.
N3581 Wirz Lane, Antigo, WI 54409 | (715) 627-7739
Grows Atlantic, Lamoka, Manistee, MegaChip, and Snowden potatoes.

McDougal Farms LLC
W10835 Bluebell Road, Deerbrook WI, 54424 (715) 627-4418
McDougal’s Farm LLC, located just a few miles north of Antigo, is just one farm in the new movement that is ready for change. We are an earth friendly farm. We grow your food using no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We use sound sustainable growing practices and pay close attention to our soil health because we know healthy soil grows healthy vegetables. We offer our produce through our CSA (community supported agriculture), Antigo Farm Market and Natural Living.

Canopy Gardens
N3000 Orchard Road, Antigo, WI 54409 (715) 623-7373
Canopy Gardens is a located a few miles east of Antigo.  Canopy Gardens is a hydroponic greenhouse that grows tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and basil. They use their fresh produce to make salsa .  They off their produce and salsa at Natural Living, Butch’s Supervalu, Lakeside Pharmacy and Grocery, Copps Food Center, and Walmart Supercenter in Antigo.