Success Stories

Langlade County, Wisconsin has a vibrant and diverse business community. We have a rich history of innovation that provides a solid foundation for twenty-first century business. Below is a collection of Langlade County business success stories that demonstrate the breadth and depth of Langlade County’s potential.

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Schumitsch Seed Inc.

Schumitsch Seeds, Inc was once a quaint seed oat cleaning operation owned and operated by a lone potato farmer in Antigo, has evolved to become a sizable rotational crop specialist for almost every potato farm in Langlade County.


Plaspack is celebrating their 30th Anniversary.  Plaspack started with in 1988 with 7 employees, 22,450 sq ft plant, and 10 machines.  In January 2018, Plaspack has 103 employees, 77,000 sq ft plant, and 50 machines.

Unmanned Systems Incorporated

Unmanned Systems Incorporated has been a leader in the unmanned aerial systems industry since it was established by Don Bintz in 2003.  Unmanned Systems Inc. has established an outpost at the Langlade County Airport creating a center for research, development, and training on the cutting-edge technology.

Frontier-Servco FS

FS Servco

Frontier-Servco FS, with 23 locations across the state and the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, is a supplier of agricultural consultation services, fertilizer, crop inputs, seed, fuel, lubricants, propane, and furnaces for farmers and agricultural businesses.

Gallenberg Studios


In 2002, Tom Gallenberg opened his wood working business in the small town of White Lake, Wisconsin in eastern Langlade County. Tom is one of only a handful of wood designers specializing in the American Arts & Crafts style, and has won numerous awards for his wide range of products.

Kretz Lumber

Kretz Lumber, which has grown from a small sawmill into a global supplier of wood products, was established in 1929 by Joseph and Myrtle Kretz. Over time, Kretz has grown from that original sawmill that sold “green” lumber to secondary manufacturers to a “Global Wood Products Company”.

Volm Companies

Volm Companies

Founded in 1954, Volm Companies has expanded from an Antigo-based grocery store and post office to one of Wisconsin’s top 75 privately held companies and the largest manufacturer of computerized weighing equipment in North America.

Wagner Oil Company

The Wagner Oil Co. in Antigo celebrated its 75 anniversary this fall with a number of events at its flagship store and office in Antigo. Wagner Oil Co. is a three-generation business that over seven and one-half decades has become the largest Shell fuel distributor in Wisconsin.

Innovative Industries

Innovative Industries, Inc. has built a very successful company around an ingenious concept — customized telescoping slides that allow people to store, move and reach a variety of items without taking up a lot of precious real estate.

Exclusively Schroeders


What started as a fresh produce market in 1962 has evolved into a fresh, chic, lively boutique that caters to an ever-growing fan base of Wisconsinites and North woods visitors just south of Antigo. Evolution has, in fact, been one of the key factors contributing to Exclusively Schroeders’ 50 years of success.

Zelazoski Wood Products

Zelazoski Wood Products

Manufacturing custom wood components — everything from baseball bats and fishing lures to brush blocks and mouldings is an industry that has waned in the United States — in fact, Zelazoski Wood Products is one of the few remaining American wood crafters in an era dominated by plastic.

Langlade Springs

Langlade Springs LLC was founded in 2006 by a group of private business owners from northeastern Wisconsin. Since that time, Langlade Springs has grown to become a one-stop source for the highest quality private label bottled water, with distribution across the United States.

NTC Partners with County Business

During the past three years, many businesses have had to downsize staff and resources. Thanks to Northcentral Technical College (NTC), Langlade County businesses can receive affordable, customized, high quality training that helps them remain competitive.