Langlade County, Wisconsin education

Langlade County is home to three school districts:  Antigo, Elcho and White Lake.  With the Antigo district being the largest and covering the most geography in the County; Elcho and White lake offer a smaller more personal atmosphere for students to learn in; and with the option of School Choice, no matter where you call home in the County, residents can attend the district of their choice.  Within the County, there are also two technical college districts: Northcentral Technical College-Antigo (NTC), which is in Antigo and Nicolet College in Rhinelander, WI.

The Unified School District of Antigo maintains a belief in the education of all students and offers comprehensive and varied instructional and co-curricular programs. Enthusiastic students, excellent teachers and staff, a dedicated School Board, and a supportive community combine to form a top-notch school system. The District is proud of the recognition given to its academic, vocational, fine arts, and athletic programs.

The Unified School District of Antigo is geographically one of the largest school districts in Wisconsin. It embraces 19 municipalities, has an area of 540 square miles, and a population of approximately 20,000. Most of the District lies in Langlade County, with portions extending into Marathon and Shawano Counties. The City of Antigo is the most heavily populated municipality in the District with a population of about 9,000.

The District serves approximately 2,300 students in six elementary schools, one middle school of 500 students, and high school of 750 students. The central office building houses the central administration and support staff.

In partnership with the community, their mission is to provide a safe and positive educational climate that will produce life-long learners, able to achieve their maximum potential and contribute responsibly to society.

Watch and learn what the Antigo High School Students are learning in their elective classes to help them in the workforce and in life after graduation.

All Saints Catholic School
All Saints Catholic School serves students in four-year-old kindergarten through eighth grade from three local parishes: St. John Parish, S.S. Mary & Hyacinth Parish, and St. Wencel Parish.

Mission Statement
All Saints Catholic School reflects the commitment of the Catholic Community to the children who will provide leadership in the Catholic Community of the future. Therefore, we strive to provide the best possible Catholic environment for the spiritual, intellectual and personal growth of our students.

Vision Statement
Inspired by their Core Values, All Saints Catholic School envisions a system where all individuals will consistently demonstrate Catholic Identity, conscious commitment to honor and service, and continuous striving for knowledge and for the achievements that knowledge inspires.

Peace Lutheran School
Mission Statement
“As followers of Jesus Christ, our purpose is to strengthen each other in Him so that we share His love and Good News with everyone.”

Foundational Values
Biblical Authority – is the basis of truth and sound doctrine.

Christ-Centered – All Peace ministries center on Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Ministry Values
Christian Education – growing disciples of Jesus from cradle to grave.
Relationships – are built within our church and community.
Outreach – to our community and world with the Gospel.
Organization – is important for effective ministry
Quality – leadership, programs, facilities and technology.

Vision Statement
Peace Lutheran Church and School is a Resource Center training and sending disciples of Jesus to the community and world by meeting the needs of people in the spirit of Christian love.

The Elcho School District, located in the north central part of Langlade County offers a great education with a small school feel. Elcho is a K4-12 school with many opportunities for not only students but also for the community. Along with quality education, the Elcho district also offers other unique amenities. Some of which are listed below.

In 1999, a group of teachers, administrators, and community members in the District came together to discuss the future of our school forest lands. Although the school forests were a great asset of the school district, they were underutilized by the staff. Realizing this, a newly developed Forest Committee developed a plan and set goals to achieve in the following years. A timeline of goals was developed and completed since the formation of the committee. For more information on the progress and programs of the forest, please visit the Elcho School Forest website.

The Elcho School District implemented onsite childcare in an attempt to meet the growing demand for childcare in our area. The Child Care Center is dedicated to providing quality programs to meet the needs of our students, employees, and community members. Therefore, a variety of services are available including full-time, part-time, occasional, and before and after school care for children six weeks of age through the sixth grade. For more information please visit the Elcho Daycare website.

The White Lake School district, nestled within the Southeastern part of Langlade County offers a quality education with a small time feel. Generations of people have ambled through the halls and have contributed to the history that makes White Lake School.

When you walk through the doors of White Lake School, you have a sense of home or belonging. Being a smaller 4K-12 school, you get the chance to know everyone and the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. With smaller class sizes; low student/teacher ratios allow students to receive individualized attention. Students also have the opportunity to expand their education by taking classes at NTC in Antigo, through Nicolet Distance Educational Network (NDEN) and other online sources.

The Community of the White Lake area has a strong tradition of supporting its school.  This is most evident with a recent referendum passing 2:1 to build a brand new gymnasium, fitness center, locker rooms a new state-of-the-art Tech Ed department and a commons area.  The new addition opened fall of 2012.

With six convenient campus locations in Antigo, Medford, Phillips, Spencer, Wausau, and Wittenberg, Northcentral Technical College offers a vast range of opportunities, making them the right fit for you. Whether you are looking to advance in your current profession, or are pursuing a new and exciting career, NTC is the perfect match with over 150 associate degrees, technical diplomas and short-term certificate options, as well as Professional Development and Continuing Education courses.  And, at the request of area key industries, NTC has created and implemented various “Centers of Excellence”.  These include associates degrees and technical diplomas in areas such as Agriculture, Public Safety, Manufacturing along with Antigo’s own brand new Wood Technology Center of Excellence (WTCE) the WTCE was born out of a series of discussions between the Wood industry, the County, the City of Antigo and NTC.

NTC offers real-life learning opportunities. Hands-on learning, combined with their small class sizes and outstanding faculty means you will receive individual attention that will help you learn and grow as a student, and in life.

As part of NTC, Business and Industry Solutions help businesses stay competitive and successful by providing quality on-site training and consulting; workshops, seminars and conferences; and use of NTC facilities.

Here are some more tools available at NTC:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Process Flow for Optimal Quality
  • Safety
  • ISO Prep
  • Weld Certification
  • Improving Competitive Edge for Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Computer training, (MS Office, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MasterCAM)
  • Critical Core Manufacturing Skills
  • A series of hands-on workshops based on the New York Times bestseller list in business publications by industry recognized authors.
  • Customized Training Services-Leadership and Management Development

Click on the links for more information on opportunities for an Accelerated Certificate in Human Resource Management or Lean Organizations at NTC in Antigo.

Nestled on the scenic shores of Lake Julia in Rhinelander, Nicolet College also is an educational resource for Langlade County residents.  Nicolet College offers more than 60 different degrees,  diplomas, and certificates that commonly give graduates a greater sense of personal accomplishment as well as an increased standard of living.

In addition to traditional classes held during the day, Nicolet also offers academic programs in more flexible formats that include online, part-time and evening classes. These are designed specifically for people who want a college education but can’t take classes during the day because of job or family obligations.