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Wood Manufacturing in Langlade County, Wisconsin

Langlade County's Wood Products Manufacturing Gives Wisconsin a Competitive Edge

Langlade County is home to some of Wisconsin’s most abundant natural resources — creating ideal landscapes for tourists and providing resources to support the state’s wood products industry. According to the Wisconsin Economic Development Institute, over 125 wood products businesses in the surrounding area — including sawmills, wood preservation, millwork, window and door manufacturers — employ nearly 9,000 workers with an annual payroll of more than $270 million dollars. The demand for wood flooring, construction materials and other quality wood products is growing around the world.  Here is what Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has to say about the expanding Wisconsin’s Wood Products Industry.

The forests and woodlands of Langlade County give the state a strong national edge in the area of wood products manufacturing. The wood products industry in Langlade County provides an estimated 686 jobs, totaling wages of nearly $24 million dollars, and providing nearly $115 million dollars total in output.

Langlade County is located near the geographic center of a nationally important wood products industry cluster. Using multiplier analysis, the total impact of the wood products industry in Langlade County nearly doubles the direct impact of employment and wages. In addition, Langlade County demonstrates some of the nation’s strongest sustainability initiatives in the wood products industry with the majority of public lands managed for long-term sustainability.

Source: UW-Extension Langlade County


Sustainability, Technology and Advanced Wood Manufacturing Training Critical to Success

With millions of acres of forest land in Wisconsin, there is a lot of planning going into sustaining Wisconsin’s forest.  Here is what the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Associates has to say about Protecting a Multiple Use Forest for Future Generations. This is why Langlade County is one of the nation’s leaders in forest products manufacturing because of its sustainability and sophisticated mills.

As wood product manufacturing has evolved over the last few decades, Langlade County has initiated several workforce education initiatives with regional educational institutions in order to provide wood product manufacturers with a skilled workforce. Langlade County, the city of Antigo, Northcentral Technical College (NTC), local k-12 schools and local wood manufacturers have collaborated to expand educational opportunities in the wood manufacturing industry. With funding assistance from the Economic Development Association (EDA), the 27,000 square foot Wood Technology Center of Excellence was established on the Northcentral Technical College campus in Langlade County. This Center offers students the option to earn a Wood Processes Associate Degree, a Wood Manufacturing Technical Diploma and a Basic Wood Manufacturing Certificate. Students work with state-of-the-art machinery used for designing and fabricating wood products — providing this key industry with the skilled workforce necessary to compete on a global basis.

Major Wood Manufactures in Langlade County

Robbins Sports Surfaces
Robbins Sports Surfaces the premier supplier of high-performance maple and synthetic sports flooring systems to the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, arena, education, religious and fitness markets. In more than 65 nations on six continents, athletes compete and practice on millions of square meters of Robbins’ sports surfaces. Professional and amateur alike know that when they play on a high performance Robbins’ system they’ll be able to play at peak levels, safely and comfortably.

Timber Creek Resource, LLC
Timber Creek Resource, LLC is a producer of a top quality pallet. In addition to their pallet operation, they also operate a complete sawmill, manufacturing the lumber for our pallet operations, and lumber for sale to outside vendors.

Zelazoski Wood Products
Since 1924, Zelazoski has manufactured quality, custom wooden components, including baseball bats, handles, moldings, turnings, finished, brush blocks, glued and assembled, specialty, game calls, fishing lures and imprinted items.

Dave Raith Logging
N9426 County Road B Summit Lake, WI (715) 275-3475

Flannery & Flannery Logging
N4002 US Highway 45 47 Antigo, WI 54409 (715) 623-7636

Marshall Logging Inc.
N4802 River Rd., Antigo, WI 54409 (715) 623-4051

Solin Forestry, LLC
N6567 Birchwood Lane, Deerbrook, WI (715) 627-2176

Kretz Lumber
To maximize utilization of our forest resource and control quality, Kretz Lumber operates:

  • Two sawmills processing 18 million board feet of lumber annually.
  • Thirteen kilns drying 13 million board feet of lumber annually.
  • 48,000 square foot dimension and millwork manufacturing facility.
  • Trucking fleet delivering raw material and finished goods.

Wilhelm Lumber, LLC
W7236 Hwy 47, Phlox, WI 54464 (715) 489-3468