Our residents call Langlade County home because of the low cost of living, well-paying jobs, diversity of employment opportunities, great infrastructure including three progressive K-12 school districts, two technical colleges, and a $45m hospital that opened its doors May 13, 2012. Employers are here because of the educational system and because of a workforce with strong work ethics.

Langlade County’s population at 19,666 people ranks as the 54th populated county out of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

With three (3) school districts, two (2) parochial schools, and one (1) technical college located in the county, Langlade County offers an excellent venue to begin or continue one’s education.

A majority (90.1%) of our population have a high school diploma or higher, with 16.99% of the population holding a bachelors degree or higher.

Income/Cost of Living
Families who are looking for a rural type atmosphere to raise your family in with opportunities that often times come in an urban environment are found here in Langlade County.

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