The welding shop at Skarlupka Manufacturing in White Lake.

White Lake Manufacturer Benefits From Energy-Efficient Light Program

A White Lake manufacturer is enjoying improved working conditions and energy savings after making major lighting upgrades at its shop.

Skarlupka Manufacturing, a second-generation, family-owned business, evaluated and prioritized a variety of energy-efficiency opportunities at its 100,000-square-foot facility before choosing upgrades to LED lighting that would make an immediate impact.

“The new LED lights sure make a difference compared to the old metal halide lights,” Bruce Skarlupka said.

Skarlupka said the biggest differences are lower maintenance costs now that the business no longer needs to store a few dozen metal halide bulbs for when they go out every two years, as well as savings in energy costs and an improved work environment.

“The employees enjoy having the new LED lighting. What they like most is how the shop’s overall brightness improved,” Skarlupka explained.

Skarlupka Manufacturing worked with contractor Bauer Electric, LLC to pick the best LED lighting products for its building, and the company also reached out to Focus on Energy to inquire about financial incentives available for lighting upgrades.

The resulting collaboration resulted in Skarlupka Manufacturing receiving $14,500 in financial incentives from Focus on Energy to help offset the initial cost of upgrading 290 light fixtures.

In addition, the small business is expected to see as much as a 50 percent reduction in energy costs. Avoided energy costs are estimated at more than $57,000 the first year alone.

“We look forward to reviewing our electric usage and seeing the reduction,” Skarlupka added.

Skarlupka Manufacturing was so happy with the project that the company invited Focus on Energy’s Industrial Energy Advisor into review its facility for other energy efficiency project opportunities.

The business is an electric customer of Alliant Energy and a gas customer of WPS, two of the 107 utilities that partner in Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resources program. Residential, business and other customers of those partnering utilities are eligible for the energy expertise and financial incentives Focus on Energy provides.

A third-party evaluation noted Wisconsin runs the most cost-effective energy efficiency programs in the nation. It also found every $1 invested in Focus on Energy generates more than $5 in benefits for Wisconsin, including economic benefits, reduced pollution and reduced energy costs.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal, January 25, 2020 edition