Peace Lutheran Launching Campaign for Child Care Site

Peace Lutheran Ministries is launching a capital campaign, entitled Building Families In Christ, to raise the funds for a new and modern facility for licensed child care.

Over $1.2 million has already been pledged for the project, which was announced at weekend services. A stretch goal of $2.3 million has been set.

The top photo shows an artist rendering of the expanded Peace Lutheran child care facilities, with a capital funding program kicking off over the weekend. The lower photo shows child care students at their “Noah’s Ark Party” last week, when they dressed up in animal costumes and paraded around.

“There is a pressing need for child care in our community. We are currently turning away children because of lack of space,” Annette Miller, director of Peace Childcare Learning Center. “We are unable to care for infants in our present facility. We also cannot accept childcare state assistance from low-income families because the current building makes it challenging to become a licensed facility.”

For the past 135 years, Peace Lutheran Ministries has been nurturing and educating children and their families and has been providing a Christian elementary education to the surrounding community since 1889. Five years ago, it expanded its education ministry by the addition of Peace Childcare Learning Center.

The center now was has over 100 children enrolled in its programs and has run out of space. The capital project and building program is designed to address those needs.

“This campaign would raise the funds to expand the ministry of Peace to reach more children and families in our community,” Pastor Dave Karolus explained. “Not only would we meet the need for quality child care, but we would fulfill our vision to help them live abundant lives in Christ.”

The building plan will provide a modern child care learning center including new early childhood education classrooms for 3K, 4K, and 5K classes. It would also feature a secure entrance with a drop-off and pick-up zone, add a reception area, and create an efficient administrative hub for all of Peace Lutheran Ministries.

Numerous committees at the church have been reviewing the child care and school needs and the building possibilities for the past two years. The church members will take a final vote on the building project in early 2020.

All church members are being asked to make three-year pledges. Area businesses, charitable foundations, and individuals will also be invited to support the project.

“I am very optimistic we will be successful with this capital campaign,” Bob Hunter, campaign chair, said. “We want to expand the ministry of Peace to include more children and families who need child care.”

Source: Antigo Daily Journal