Little Wolf Express Lube across from Fairgrounds

Little Wolf Express Lube open on Neva Road

Langlade County didn’t have to wait long for it’s first new business of the year, with a stylishly renovated auto service shop now open in Antigo.

Scott Bickley is the owner of Little Wolf Automotive, which operates a pair of auto services in Waupaca, an express lube and a full-service repair shop. Little Wolf’s expansion has found it’s way to Antigo’s main drag, as Little Wolf Express Lube is open at 1436 Neva Road, right across from the south entrance to the fairgrounds.

Antigo’s newest auto shop was not the result of any grand expansion plan, or even direct local connections. Sometimes, you’re just driving down the road, and opportunity knocks.

“I was driving through Antigo and saw the current location with a for sale sign in it,” Bickley recalled. “I could tell it had not been in operation for a while by the condition of the building.”

That set the wheels in motion, as Bickley contacted the seller, negotiated a price, and completed the purchase. That was the easy part.

“The building needed a lot more work than I thought,” he said. “We replaced the blacktop with new concrete on the outside, and we had to completely redo the pit openings on the inside. We have redone the bathroom, waiting room, and installed all new oil equipment as well. Now it looks clean and new.”

Bickley extended his gratitude to Antigo officials who played a role in the extensive renovations.

“Special thanks to the City of Antigo public works team for working with and helping us,” he said. “Those are great people down at city hall.”

Little Wolf Automotive got its start in Manawa in 2006 with a three-bay shop, then expanded with the opening of the quick lube in Waupaca in 2013. Bickley recalled that renovation to be similar to the Antigo location, as it began with the purchase of a vacant building as well.

The Little Wolf name traces back to the Manawa location, which was located with frontage on the Little Wolf River. In 2016, the original Manawa business relocated to Waupaca, with the construction of the full-service six-bay facility.

Little Wolf currently has 14 employees and is looking to add two or three more full-time positions.

The Antigo location is seeking a quick lube manager, assistant quick lube manager, and lube techs. Tim Spaulding is currently serving as the acting manager, then will transition to the district manager and oversee operations at both quick lube stores.

Little Wolf Quick Lube specializes in conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic oil changes, featuring Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Mobil 1 products. They also offer a variety of other services, including air filter, cabin air filter, and wiper blade inspection and replacement, battery check and replacement, tire rotation and repair, and tire sales featuring Bridgestone and Firestone tires.

All services are provided without appointments needed. Their motto is “In, Out, and On with your day at Little Wolf Auto Express Lube in Antigo.” More information can be found on their website at

Source: Antigo Daily Journal, January 6, 2021 edition