Jeanne Kakes designs a birthday bouquet at Flowers fromt he Heart on Fifth.  The lead designer will join the other eight employees when the move into the larger building in April.

Flowers Business Growing into Larger Space

Looking back, 2020 probably wasn’t the best time to open a business on Fifth Avenue in Antigo. As if the COVID pandemic wasn’t enough, the road reconstruction caused some pain for local businesses as well.

But, for Josh Jameson and the staff at Flowers from the Heart on Fifth, they not only pushed their way through the turmoil, they succeeded to the point of expanding after only one year in business.

Jameson, the store manager, said the business will soon move from leased space at 817 Fifth Ave. to purchased space at 819 Fifth Ave.

Flowers from the Heart on Fifth will soon move from leased space at 817 Fifth Ave. to purchased space at 819 Fifth Ave.

“We needed a larger space,” he said. “We were looking to expand, and that became available.”

The new building will have twice the retail space, with a cooler twice as large as the current one. The entire first floor will be used for retail and design space. Use of the second floor, while now empty, could find itself part of future plans.

Kole Packard of North Central Mechanical in Antigo prepares the wiring of the new cooler at Flowers from the Heart on Fifth’s new location at 819 fifth Ave.

Flowers from the Heart’s original store continues in Crandon, where it has served customers for 37 years. The Antigo store opened the week before Valentine’s Day last year.

“Business is going well,” Jameson said. “It was tough at the beginning. It was a struggle. We were open, and then we had to close because of COVID. Then we have Fifth Avenue that was closed, which really affected us in a big, big way. But now that it’s open, it’s been good.”

The new store is currently being remodeled, and it’s expected it will be open in about three weeks.

“Flowers is our business,” Jameson said. “But we also have a large sympathy line, chimes and keepsakes. We have a lot of home décor and seasonal products. We have our silk flowers and anything you can thing of for home décor, we have.”

All products are original designs done in house.

“We do everything fresh here,” he said.

Flowers from the Heart on Fifth is also the only venue in Antigo that rents tuxedos.

All nine current employees will move to the new store.

“With our expanded building, we’ll be able to offer more items and more lines of the home décor,” Jameson said.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal