Thrivent Financial

Job Fair February 2018

Pinnacle Team of Thrivent Financial is supporting hiring efforts of the companies in our community.  In an effort to help businesses in our area succeed, Thrivent Finacial has set aside a day to match local employees with the many career opportunities in this area.  Jean Greening and Travis Rose of the Pinnacle Team of Thrivent Financial, in cooperation with Northcentral Technical College and WACD/WATK, extend an invitation for businesses to secure a booth on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, from 1:30 to 6:00 pm at Northcentral Technical College campus at 312 Forrest Avenue, Antigo, Wisconsin.  The cost for a business to be part of this job fair is $125.  The booth fee will secure

  • a booth;
  • provide refreshments and snacks throughout the afternoon;
  • provide access and use of the computer room should the business require applicants to complete an application;
  • provide the use of some private rooms for on-site interviews if desired; and
  • local promotion throughout the community, including social media, the Breakfast Club and poster urging anyone interested in finding new employment to set aside some time on that day to attend.

Business’ assigned table will be on display throughout the campus main building hallways.  There is limited power for those who need an electrical outlet.  Location in the building will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Please return registrations with the fee made payable to Pinnacle Team of Thrivent Financial as soon as possible to secure your spot.

NTC will be hosting a class in advance of the job fair to help those applicants who would like to prepare a resume or hone their interviewing skills.  This will be offered at no charge to potential attendees of the job fair.

WACD/WATK has prepared advertising packages to purchase as well in helping businesses promote their business for this event.  Click here to view available packages.  Please contact WACD/WATK directly to secure advertising needs at 715-623-4124.

Please call the Pinnacle Team of Thrivent Financial at 715-623-5279 to reserve a spot or email, or