Dr. Earl Roth of In Balance Chiropractic in Antigo.

Dr. Earl Roth Returns to His Hometown with In Balance Chiropractic

After 20 years of practice in the chiropractic world, working in different locations throughout Wisconsin, Dr. Earl Roth has returned to his hometown of Antigo with his newly-established In Balance Chiropractic and is ready to serve his local patients.

“I have a chance to work with a lot of [local] people I know and love, which is great. I have the opportunity to provide a whole different level of care,” Dr. Roth said about his new office location. “What I love most about practicing chiropractic is having my patients come in and announce that their pain is gone, their headache-free, they can sleep better, can work without pain or are able to lift their child again.”

Dr. Roth’s new office at 612 Century Ave allows the returned Antigonian to provide affordable and dedicated chiropractic care to his local patients. With extensive training and experience in pediatric chiropractic care as well as treating general pain, injuries and aiding in recovery, In Balance Chiropractic is the hometown professional dream Dr. Roth has been pursuing ever since graduating from Antigo High School in 1989.

“I recently moved my family and home to Antigo. This has been a dream in the works for several years,” Dr. Roth said. “Prior to that, I was practicing in Fond du Lac and Janesville. My target was to serve the people of my home community. After a long journey, I bring 20 years of experience [back to Antigo].”

Upon their return to Antigo, Dr. Roth brings his 17 years of experience elsewhere back to his hometown with his wife of 19 years, Carrie, and his daughter, Rylee, and son, Zachary. Taking advantage of the opportunities his birthplace has to offer, Dr. Roth brings an exceptional level of local chiropractic care back to the community.

Utilizing cutting edge technology to aid his patients, including technology developed by NASA to help in the location of nerve pain, In Balance Chiropractic provides not only pain relief but also the understanding behind such treatments.

“Chiropractic is much more than mobilizing the spine, joints and muscles,” Dr. Roth explained. “I provide specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments to remove nerve interference and dysfunction. This is critical because our nervous system controls and regulates every single cell and function of the human body. Our spine houses and protects the spinal cord; however, we were never designed to be in front of smart phones, electronic devices, steering wheels, standing for long periods or heavy lifting etc. As a result, we often times become ‘subluxated,’  a word I use to describe one or more vertebrae out of alignment putting pressure on a nerve.  Where that nerve goes is where we may see a symptom, a problem, or a malfunction.  Frequently, we don’t even know there is a problem until we have pain and symptoms which are the last things to occur.”

In addition to his chiropractic services, Dr. Roth is also a nutritional and weight loss counselor who also teaches classes in lifting training techniques for occupational health and safety for farmers and industry in the work place and home.

As business continues to grow since its August 1st opening, new patients can either call the office to set up an appointment (715-623-5300) or visit In Balance’s website at www.inbalanceantigo.com, painfreeantigo.com, or on their Facebook page. Dr. Roth’s Antigo office is located at 612 Century Ave, in between Buck’s Pizza and Sweet Thyme Coffee Shop on Antigo’s north side.

Dr. Roth is a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, a member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, a Certified Wellness Professional and a Founding Member of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin.

Source: Antigo Times