Ace Equipment Growing, Looking For Employees Who Are Skilled, Team Players

Ace Equipment Company, launched in 1997, is one of the area’s leading manufacturers of garbage compactors and cardboard balers.

The company, located on Cherry Road northeast of Antigo, is owned by Eric Fuller and began by building one piece of equipment at a time. With each new machine, the brand gained popularity and the business grew to the 65,000 square foot shop that develops trash compactors, apartment compactors, self-contained compactors, front compactors and vertical balers.

“Utilizing cutting-edge technology and the skills of its employees, we’ve been able to stay on top of the market,” Angela Jacobson for Ace Equipment, said. “Continuous improvement and new designs have been attracting more customers as well as the reliable service that we have and continue to offer with each machine sold.”

Ace is constantly developing new products to meet the growing and changing needs of customers, Jacobson said, with compactors and balers used for a variety of disposal needs such as garbage collection and recycling. Although a majority of customers are located in the Midwest, Ace has equipment throughout the United States.

“Manufacturing employees are in the unique position to help shape and redefine the processes in which they work,” Jacobson said. “This is one of the exciting things about working here. As a company, new innovative ideas and suggestions are embraced. Employees, customers, and visitors are encouraged to offer meaningful feedback that can be incorporated into new designs and processes that make manufacturing more efficient or improve the product line options.”

Each machine that is produced is developed for customers with their needs in mind. Different option combination makes each piece of equipment special, which provides variety to the work that is done, she added.

“The individuality of each piece also lends to a feeling of pride and ownership,” Jacobson said. “We are always encouraging employee and customer feedback which is used in the development of better and more efficient products. We enjoy working on new projects and like the challenge that each customer brings to our crew.”

Jacobson said that as Ace grows and develops so will the need for skilled employees. Welding, metal fabrication, electrical, and hydraulic processes will continue to be a background basis for the manufacturing side of the business. In addition to these base skills, the need for employees who are motivated, innovated and willing to embrace new technology and methodology will continue to rise.

Training for Ace Equipment Company varies by position. For welders, installers, and service technicians, a minimum of one-year welding experience is preferred. The company gives all potential candidates a welding test to demonstrate basic ability. It is the findings of these welding tests in combination with work history, enthusiasm, and experience that are considered prior to offering any welding position. Other positions may be more trainable but assembly, electrical, hydraulic or mechanical backgrounds are always a positive.

“Regardless, all manufacturing positions with Ace Equipment Company will require the ability to read and understand shop drawings, think outside the box and work as a team,” she said.

This is the final, for now, segment of Manufacturing Spotlight, a look at some of the industries located in the Antigo area with an eye on letting potential employees understand the opportunities that exist in the region and the skills required. It was done in cooperation with the Langlade County Economic Development Corporation and Northcentral Technical College.

The interior (top photo) and warehouse area of Ace Equipment Company, one of the area's leading manufacturers of garbage compactors and cardboard balers.

The interior (top photo) and warehouse area of Ace Equipment Company, one of the area’s leading manufacturers of garbage compactors and cardboard balers.

Source:  Antigo Daily Journal