Wisconsin Potatoes Website Gets New Vibe

There’s never a dull moment with Wisconsin potatoes. And that’s especially true with the launch of their new website.

The Eat Wisconsin Potatoes website, which is owned and managed by the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA), features some new colors, a different layout and an overall vibrant look that entices you to explore further.

The newly-designed site went live in October and showcases some new and exciting features. One of them is a new and improved recipe database that allows you to search for recipes based on ingredient and the course you’re thinking of. And if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share, fear not because you can submit your own! Furthermore, this recipe page of the site is linked to the QR code in the Spudmobile, which means everyone can access these great-tasting, flavor-filled dishes anytime they want! What more could you ask for?

Besides walking away with a recipe or two and knowledge of the great health benefits potatoes offer, site visitors will also walk away with a few more contacts. They’ll get the chance to meet and become acquainted with the growers in Wisconsin who daily provide the quality potatoes and vegetables families enjoy.

And after reading about our growers and their sustainability practices, why not read about the Wisconsin chefs who make those potatoes and vegetables into great-tasting dishes under “Meet the Chefs?” It’s truly a “field to fork” experience no one will want to miss.

“This site provides a very fun experience for the user,” says Dana Rady, WPVGA Director of Promotions.

“It will keep people updated regarding the current and upcoming events we are involved in. Furthermore, we share blog posts regularly about potatoes and vegetables, their fantastic health benefits, as well as staying within a budget. There’s so much good information,” Rady continues, “that once you get on our site, you won’t want to leave!”

So check out www.eatwisconsinpotatoes.com and visit often. It’s an experience that will have you thinking taters and buying local. And that’s something worth celebrating!

WPVGA is a non-profit organization that represents and promotes state potato and vegetable growers. We currently represent more than 300 members and affiliates. For more information on our commitment to sustainable agriculture, jobs and water use, visit www.wisconsinpotatoes.com.

Source: Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association