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Pooch Parlor Offers Mobile Grooming

It’s convenient and dogs stay happy and relaxed.

Your dog isn’t thrilled about going to the groomer?

Let the groomer come to your dog. April’s Pooch Parlor, a full-service mobile pet grooming salon, is now open, primping and pampering pets across Langlade County from an RV especially tricked out for the service.

April Stein of White Lake opened the business this spring, after listening to the comments from patrons at grooms where she worked about the inconveniences of making appointments and getting their dogs to the groomers.

“I decided to go mobile,” she said. “There is a need for it.”

Stein explained that many dogs experience anxiety with a trip to the groom, ranging from anxiety over the car ride to general unhappiness once at the office. There is no need for the dog to wait in a cage for an appointment, no scratched seats or shedding in your vehicle and no waiting around while the dog is being groomed.

“I can come straight out to the dog’s home so they are more relaxed,’ she said. “They are in their home atmosphere.”

She offers everything a stationary office can, including baths, shaves, and general grooming and haircuts to the customer’s liking. She tailors her shampoo and conditioning products to accommodate the pet’s coat, including sensitive oily or normal skin. Dogs can also get their nails clipped or ground, ears cleaned and anals checked.

The unit has its own electrical and water services and waste tank. It is cleaned between dogs to lessen any concerns over disease.

“I don’t need to get anything from the customer except the dog,” she said. “We are a self-sufficient spa right at your doorstep.”

Response from canines and their humans has been enthusiastic, with plenty of repeat customers even for a fledgling business.

Pricing is competitive with standalone groomers, she said, with the addition of a charge for travel.

“We believe in doing what is best for the pet and include it all on one price,” she said.

To make an appointment for a grooming, contact Stein at 715-882-5047 or go to aprilspoochparlor@gmail.com. She is also on Facebook.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal