Paving Is A Finishing Touch At Langlade Hospital

After nearly three years, the finishing touches are being applied to the stunning new Langlade Hospital complex on Fifth Avenue and Langlade Road.

Northeast Asphalt crews worked this week to complete the parking area that will be shared by the hospital and the Center for Health and Performance, also on the campus.

The parking area is roughly on the same territory occupied by the building that served as the hospital from 1933 until it was razed after the new building was opened in May, 2012. At that point the old four-level structure, with portings dating to a 1927 construction project, were razed and the land cleared to create the parking lot.

The health and performance center was added to the south side of the expanded Aspirus General Clinic, which shares the same site.

The project, which trimmed the number of square feet in the medical complex and put the emphasis on the realities of health care in the 2000 era, has been working well.

The complex is totally new, from the urgent/emergency suite to patient rooms, operating rooms, laboratories and the offices and stations that support.

Even after the new hospital opened, the parking lot was a rough area as the health and performance complex was constructed and an addition placed onto the General Clinic.

But once they were completed, the machinery moved out, the construction trailers that had been on the site since the late summer of 2010, rolled out and the grading and now, the paving was completed.

The health and performance center will be open for a “sneak peak” for employees and their families, providers, physicians and volunteers on June 14, and then another peek for members of the hospital’s fitness program, WelFit, will be held on Saturday, June 15 from 9 a.m. to noon.