The reception desk in the lobby of Mosaic Massage and Float Center.

New Stress Relief Therapy in Antigo, Wis.

ANTIGO, Wisconsin, June 2—  Float therapy—and much more—has come to northern Wisconsin.

Mosaic Massage and Float Center is in the midst of a complete remodel of the historic Peaceful Valley General Store at 533 FiftA large bathtub for soaking therapy.h Ave., Antigo. After months of work, owners Gina and Willie Losser are finally in the building and ready to offer float therapy, salt (halotherapy) therapy, massage, soaking tubs, infrared sauna and more.

“This one-of-a-kind facility is hard to find around Wisconsin and will be a fantastic draw to our great little city,” Gina said.

Float therapy is exactly what the name says–a therapy where you float. A float tank, pod or cabin is filled with Epsom s

alt water just enough to where the body will float effortlessly. These containers are not deep and are buoyant from the salt that there isn’t a fear of drowning.

“Some people even fall asleep,” Gina said. “Float Therapy relieves stress, helps with injuries, fights addiction, reduces chronic pain and much more. It increases the body’s dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting mood and reducing anxiety.”

Salt therapy or Halotherapy involves sitting in a spa-like-room typically full of pink salt where a person breathes in the tiny salt particles to improve breathing. Halotherapy has been used as an alternative to lung issues such as asthma, bronchitis and stubborn cough. Salt rooms can help with sinus issues, allergies and skin conditions as well.

Mosaic Massage and Float Center also offers infrared sauna sessions. Sitting in an infrared sauna helps with blood flow, muscle relaxation, detoxification and helps the body burn more calories.

Gina is a licensed massage therapist and is always expanding her knowledge on how to treat the whole body. “Float therapy was at the top of my list and I decided to become practitioner of the whole body and open an alternative health center,” Gina said. “With some strong faith, a few dozen road blocks and some amazing support from businesses, friends and family, especially my husband Willie, who has done majority of the finish work to the new building, I’m ready to share my hard work and dream of opening a massage and float center.”

If you are interested in floating, salt therapy, massage or any of the new offerings at the Mosaic Massage and Float Center, call the office at 715-350-4379, keep an eye on the Mosaic Massage Facebook page or go to for more info.

By Becca Lynn Kaegi, One 10 Graphics LLC