New Owners Take Over Today at Longtime Borucki Store in Elton

One of the area’s long-established rural stores has been sold and is assured to continue to be a busy element in eastern Langlade County life and commerce.

The store, located along Highway 64 in downtown Elton, has been in the Borucki family since 1977, and after two generations it has been sold to Rich and Trina Trepanier, who are taking over today.

At a picnic celebrating the sale of Borucki’s County Store are Kristie Heistad and Marlene Straley, who are selling, the real estate broker, Michael Bolen, and the new owners Trina Trepanier and her son, Eric.

Marlene Straley and Kristie Heistad explained that the store was sold to their parents, Henry and Vivian Borucki, on July 15, 1977, starting a busy tradition of being one of the activity hubs in that area of the county.

Henry died in August, 1982, and Vivian stepped right in with her two young daughters to continue business.

They added to the store in the summer of 1988 providing space for more retail opportunities and a very important feature, an outreach program for the Antigo Public Library. Marlene and Kristie said there were plenty of reasons for the public to visit the store.

Vivian died in December 2011, and by this time her two daughters were trained, familiar and ready to run the store on their own.

They have kept up with customer wishes and ideas including adding a section that serves hot and cold sandwiches, and ice cream.

They have a number of “specialty foods” too including smoked fish from the nearby Silver Moon Springs.

Marlene and Kristie also have maintained a stock of pickles, jams, Wisconsin cheese, milk in glass bottles, Vern’s cheese, natural honey, maple syrup, wild rice, wines and more.

Today that stock is shifting to the Trepaniers who will begin their own traditions.

Michael Bolen, who arranged the sale, is pleased with the new owners and a brat fry at the store was recently for the longtime customers and friends.

Bolen said he was pleased to have assisted Marlene and Kristie in the sale.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal, Friday, November 8, 2019 edition