Hydratight Will Expand in Antigo

Hydratight, one of the steady industries on the north side of Antigo, will be expanding during 2016.

A spokesman for Actuant, the parent company of Hydratight, explained that the production facilities here will be growing as it takes over some of the production that was being done in a plant in Red Wing, Minn.

There are signs that things are happening at the plant located at the intersection of Ackley and Clermont streets. Utility flags are planted everywhere to mark everything from buried electrical to gas and water lines. And a number of stakes are in the ground, suggesting where a building addition may go.

Employees were informed of the changes at a meeting just under a week ago.

The Actuant spokesman explained that the new structure is being designed to be expandable, suggesting there may be future developments for the Antigo facility.

The project will bring in about a dozen employees.

It is expected the expanded role here will be operational during March or April.

Mark Desotell, the city’s administrator, said today city council’s committees will be working next week on the program including a site plan for construction.

Desotell is very pleased as the city has worked with Hydratight to enhance one of the community’s very viable employers.

The Hydratight plant on Clermont Street, the focus of a major expansion.

The Hydratight plant on Clermont Street, the focus of a major expansion.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal