Father, Son Duo Keep 10 Employed In New Antigo-Based Company

Starting a new company over 3 hours from your house would seem like a fool’s errand to most people, but Eric Messer, owner of Messer Transport based in Antigo, Wisconsin doesn’t see it that way.


“No matter the industry or location it comes down to four basic components: people, processes, procedures, and product. If you have those four components, then profits will follow,” says Eric. “Living in Milwaukee and driving to Antigo isn’t a concern. Northern Wisconsin is a great location for us. We have the right people in place and our processes are solid, documented, and manageable, allowing me to manage the company from Milwaukee as needed.”


Eric Messer spent the last 10 years of his career consulting small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Midwest. His focus and ultimately success was to help companies build sustainability and scalability utilizing an outstanding business optimization tool known as ManageHub, a Baldrige approved program that helps small and medium-sized companies build and refine internal processes and improve the efficiencies of the business, which leads to long-term and sustainable success whether the business owner is on-site or not.


Eric, along with his father and business partner Monroe (Erv) Messer, an Antigo resident, decided in late 2015 to start a new trucking business. Eric brings the business acumen while Erv brings the industry know-how with his 45 years of industry experience. “I knew, with my success and expertise in consulting and ManageHub, I could bring a dynamic to this business that leads to continuous growth, while Dad can bring an element that I was missing – industry experience,” says Eric.


Over the last 45 years, Erv has worked with a many trucking companies. His experience allows him to see problems before they are problems. He understands the laws that regulate the industry and how processes can be streamlined. He helps the company be more efficient, streamlined, customer-centric, and driver-friendly. “With 45 years of industry experience, we are happy to be able to give back to this economy and others by setting a high standard in quality with equipment and driver pay. Furthermore, I understand that our primary selling point is delivering high customer service and fulfilling our word. Small businesses are the backbone to America and Eric and I are honored to be serving those small businesses,” says Erv.


Eric, on-the-other-hand, got his experience in the industry while consulting a local trucking company, Prince Brothers. Even though Prince Brothers was beginning to see success and growth working with Eric, ultimately, the partners decided it was best to simply part ways. “I got to meet some great people and couldn’t imagine having them just lose their jobs. I knew we had the foundation of processes in place and some very key employees willing to continue the growth, so Dad and I moved our plans up and were able to open our doors months ahead of schedule. Bringing a fresh vibrant company to Antigo while keeping these great people employed.”


Today Messer Transport leases property on the south side of Antigo, where Prince Brothers use to be. They now employ 13 people and recently purchased updated equipment, meeting current and future government mandates. Their equipment is set-up for them to haul refrigerated goods, dry goods, and flatbed materials into all of the continental United States, so they can fulfill their primary mission and goal: to transport your local economy – nationwide.

Messer Transport

Source: Antigo Times