Elcho Youngsters Visit NTC For New School Initiative

On May 13, Northcentral Technical College’s Antigo campus hosted 22 first grade students from Elcho Elementary as part of the “We Will Go To College” initiative, facilitated by the Elcho school district.

The students took part in an afternoon of tours, demonstrations and several hands-on activities in the areas of health, machine tool, welding, auto collision, electro-mechanical, woods and information technology.

The event was designed to give the students a fun and interactive experience in the diverse range of career fields within technical education. The students were able to learn about the importance of hand washing in the health lab. They had the opportunity to control the robotic welder and also see how computer programs can be put to use in robotic applications. They were also able to experience several machines in action.

It was a fantastic day of student learning with many enthusiastic and curious first grade students. If you are interested in learning more about the programs, classes or tour opportunities at NTC-Antigo please call 715-623-7601.



NTC VISIT—Elcho students and staff visiting Northcentral Technical College recently included, from left, (back row) Matthew Hayes, Russel M.,Nathan C-V, Hailey D., Dustin B., Zachary M., Hannah S., Grace H., Rocki S., Levi B., Elle J., Alicia W., Will N., Michelle Kincaid (front row) Sarah H., James H-F., Mackenzie D., Bryce B., Natalie S., Kayla S., Azeria B., Copper W., Alice G., and Tyler S.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal