LCEDC Conference Room

Economic Development to Hold Strategic Planning Summit

Langlade County Economic Development Corporation is holding its first Strategic Planning Summit on June 6th, 2018.

Approximately 20 leaders are invited from our most concentrated industries and government. They will convene to share information for mutual awareness of the various entities economic development plans. The overall purpose of this summit is to align Langlade County Economic Development’s strategic plan to best support our community’s challenges and needs.

After the summit, analysis of the shared inputs will direct our greatest mutual efforts and needs in the near-term.

Langlade County Economic Development will coordinate a focused Economic Development effort into improving a single objective, or eliminating an obstacle, of great interest to many stakeholders. This will be a tool for aiding public understanding and support needed to achieve our goals, as the community at large will better understand Economic Development objectives and plans.

This is just phase one of a three-phase strategic plan approach.

Langlade County Economic Development Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization that is governed by an 11 member board of directors. The Langlade County Economic Development Corporation is exclusively for the civic betterment and economic development of Langlade County, Wisconsin, through the attraction and expansion of new and existing industrial, recreational and commercial enterprises.

For more information on this summit or questions on the purpose of Langlade County Economic Development Corporation, please contact Angie Close, Executive Director, at 715-623-5123.

Source: Antigo Times