Doggy Day Care Gives Pet Owners New Options

ANTIGO – What exactly does your dog do when you go to work all day? Recent videos show that dogs don’t do much. Some pet experts think that’s not a good thing.

“It’s so crucial to get a dog tired. A tired dog is a good dog,” says Jenny Kressin, owner of Jenny’s House of Dogs. “One that’s bored is not a good thing because they get into mischief. It can cause a lot of issues. They can chew up something they shouldn’t, eat something they shouldn’t, destroy your house.”

Jenny Kressin opened up the first doggy day care in Antigo to give dogs something fun to do.

“Each week, we see a new dog in [daycare]. It is picking up slowly but surely,” says Kressin.

Kressin thinks the business will grow because more people are willing to spend more money on their dogs.

“Dogs are becoming part of the family,” says Kressin. “People are treating them like a child, not like a pet.”

Doggy day care keeps dogs active and social. It gives the dogs a chance to burn off a lot of energy. Not only are they playing and having fun, it keeps them out of mischief at home.

“They can come here. They can run and play outside, inside, whatever they want,” says Kressin. “Play with other dogs, socialize with other dogs, socialize with people so you don’t end up with a dog that’s scared of other dogs or aggressive towards other dogs or scared of people or aggressive towards people.”

Jenny’s House of Dogs also offers new luxury dog services like doggy massages and nail painting.

“Doggy massage helps with arthritis,” says Kressin. “It can help with hip dysplasia. It doesn’t help fix it but it helps relieve some pain the dog may be in. ”

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