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County Produced Major Quantities of Hay

Langlade County growers produced 2.65 tons of alfalfa hay per acre in 2017, easily outpacing its northwoods neighbors.

According to state statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Langlade was near the northern boundary of substantial hay production, outpacing Oconto, Marinette, Forest, Oneida and Lincoln counties as well as Shawano.

Most counties north and west of Langlade did not report their numbers to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, likely due to few producers or low production.

The northeast region, which includes Florence, Forest, Langlade, Marinette, Oconto and Shawano counties, harvested 46,100 acres of alfalfa hay, amounting to 113,300 tons. Average yield was 2.45 tons an acre

Those numbers are substantially down from 2016, when 63,500 acres were cut or chopped for 194,800 tons, reflecting a yield of 3.05 tons an acre.

Langlade County harvested 3,690 acres and 9,800 tons, resulting in its 2.65 a ton average.

Counties to the south were the powerhouse of alfalfa hay production, led by the Southwest District, with 503,800 tons according to estimates released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. The West Central District was second with 478,900 tons.

Grant led all published counties in alfalfa hay production with 119,900 tons produced. Green, Manitowoc, Vernon, Iowa, and Dane also produced more than 70,000 tons.

Pierce led all published counties with an average yield of 4.10 tons per acre. Iowa, Grant, and Waupaca rounded out the top four. Dunn, Green, and Ozaukee tied for fifth highest published yield.

Statewide, alfalfa hay production in 2017 totaled 860,000 acres and 2.58 million tons, averaging 3 tons an acre. That’s down from 2016, at 1 million acres, 3.2 million tons and 3.2 tons per acre.

In addition to alfalfa, the service recorded statistics on other types of hay produced, led by the North Central District with 204,500 tons. The Northwest District was second with 144,000 tons.

Rusk led all published counties in all other hay production with 35,100 tons produced. Bayfield, Price, Vernon, and Ashland rounded out the top five producing counties in the other category.

Statewide numbers for other hay included 390,000 acres, up 60,000 from a year earlier, and 897,000 ton, up a substantial 171,000 tons, Average yield mirrored 2016 at about 2.30 tons an acre.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal