Construction Roars Along Here

It feels a lot like fall outdoors in Antigo and Langlade County today, and the men and women involved in the building trades are enjoying it.

Usually on Dec. 4, this is a very wintery place, but the noon reading today was 39 under a bright sun. A year ago it was 19.

The city’s building inspector, Roger Musolff, explained a number of projects that may have been shut down by bad winter weather are moving ahead including construction on the foundations for the Swedeski apartments on Prosser Place, where the contractors are continuing to do site work and pour the foundations for three of the six buildings in the complex.

The other three will be done in the spring, Musolff said.

Once those foundations are poured the framing of the buildings can begin and carpenters have been recognized as effective winter workers.

Construction is also scheduled to begin at the Hydratight industrial site at Ackley and Clermont streets following the holiday season with plans to have it operational in the spring. And internal framing for offices and other support facilities are underway at the Brickners of Antigo site near the firm’s Highway 64 complex.

There are roofers still working, Musolff said, and there is a good chance they can continue for at least another week.

The National Weather Service is predicting above average temperatures and sun will continue for a least a week, and an amazing amount of building can be done in that span of days.

Equipment continued to operate this week on a large apartment complex.

Equipment continued to operate this week on a large apartment complex.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal