At Johnson Electric Coil, Employees Are Key

Johnson Electric Coil Company started in 1934 in the basement of Lawrence Johnson’s home in Elmwood Park Ill. While expansion and relocation has occurred, they remain a family owned business doing about $11 million in business per year. They currently employ about 75 people.

Johnson Electric Coil manufactures custom transformers and inductors for industrial equipment. The largest customer is Miller Electric which produces welding products and according to President Bill Bockes, “our biggest market is power protection.”

“The most exciting thing at Johnson Electric Coil is the empowerment of people and the constant changes they must make to stay current and viable,” Bockes said.

According to Bockes, manufacturing is a dynamic, customer-driven business. Johnson Electric Coil designates considerable resources for team and skill development, leading to growth of its employees and their interactions as a team.

Bockes added that employee needs will certainly change over the new decade.

“More and more people will need to embrace technology in everyday activity,” he said. “Soft skills will continue to be the number one success factor throughout many organizations.”

For many positions at Johnson Coil, Bockes said that new employees can receive their training internally, while on the job. The company uses the University of Wisconsin and technical college systems for higher level activities.

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Source:  Antigo Daily Journal

Johnson Electric Coil employees at work on the production floor this week.

Johnson Electric Coil employees at work on the production floor this week.