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Antigo Receives Fab Lab Grant

Antigo was one of 21 school districts throughout Wisconsin to receive a grant from Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Tuesday.

Brian Misfeldt, District Administrator for the Unified School District of Antigo, says adding the fab lab will benefit students of all ages.

“Our goal is to, as early as next year, start bringing some of our elementary art classes and having them work within the fab lab. We also plan to try and expand and offer engineering courses within the fab lab. It will also be used to support a lot of the existing we’ve already got in place,” he said.

Misfeldt says the next step is buy equipment for the lab.

“We already have a room ready to go, dedicated to our fab lab,” said Misfeldt. “It’s been wired, electricity’s ready to go. So, at this point, we are going to move ahead in the next couple of weeks begin ordering equipment.”

Misfeldt says with the $25,000 grant received on Tuesday, an anonymous matching donation of $25,000, and various other funds available to the district, they will not need any more funds to get the fab lab up and going. He says as long as everything goes according to plan the fab lab will be up and running by the next school year.

Source: WSAU.com

Picture from the Unified School District of Antigo Facebook Page.


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