Projections and Cashflow Management Workshop (Online Course)

The pricing forecasts and cashflow course is a three-part, hands-on financial accounting training. Small business owners will learn how to price their products and services based on their own market research of average and standard industry prices. This information will help the business owner create a budget and financial forecast for the next three fiscal periods. The three-year financial plan will be broken down into quarterly and monthly cash flow plans to assist the business owner with monthly financial management. The business owner will leave this course with a three-year cash flow plan and accompanying formal financial statements that they can use for any financial endeavor the business will encounter.

This online course runs from 11am-1pm on February 14th. There is no registration fee. Click here to register.

Please Note: This is a series training; you have to attend the first training to receive the Zoom link for the second training and attend both first and second training to receive Zoom link for the third training.