I’m Doing Everything! How Value Planning Reduces Panic and Builds Value (Online Presentation)

If you knew that there were steps you could take to increase the likelihood of 1) attracting and retaining employees and 2) increasing the value of your business – would you? Someday-retirement may seem far away. Yet, in addition to focusing on clear financial goals like increasing revenue, taking value-planning steps now to support that future can benefit nearly every facet of your business.

These elements – including more efficient operations, faster recognition of business trends, a cleaner financial picture, and better standard operating procedures – are all key qualitative factors that drive employee engagement, transparency, and business value. Whether you are focused on recouping some of your free time, safeguarding against emergencies, or being a salable business in the future, the work of value planning can support all of those goals.

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Speaker(s): Jane Tereba, Capital Valuation Group