How To Turn Advertising Into Your Superpower (Online Presentation)

Would you like to find out how not to compete on price? How to attract up to 70% of potential customers instead of the 1-3% more businesses market too? The Small Business Administration says 90% of businesses are out of business in 10 years, and Robert Jahnke believes the number one reason why is from lack of lead generation. This training will show examples and the formula so you can spend less money, get better leads, convert more to clients and ultimately make more profits. Join WWBIC and Robert Jahnke for this online presentation and up your advertising game.

Robert Jahnke is from DePere, WI and owns Top Hat Marketing Inc and VIP Follow Up llc, Robert has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 1982. He is very
involved in coaching, speaking and volunteering with the mission to help the small business community however he can. He has had the opportunity to work and mentor over 550 businesses in over 75 industries. Robert has spent over 1000 hours in the last 3 years studying marketing and attending seminars of the top self-improvement gurus in the world.

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