What We Do

Langlade County Economic Development Corporation is committed to take a structured, proactive approach toward enhancing the viability of existing businesses and recruitment of new enterprises to Langlade County. We meet one-on-one with business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on ways we can assist a business in achieving its goals. Our purpose is to assist each business we work with to plan, meet challenges and succeed by bringing the appropriate resources to the table with strict confidentiality.

Organizational Structure

Langlade County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit 501 c (3) corporation created to address the economic and community development needs of Langlade County. Currently, funding is made possible through the proactive efforts of the Antigo City Council and Langlade County Board along with administration fees earned through the Economic Development Revolving Loan fund (EDRLF), as well as administration of State and Federal Grants. Governance for the corporation is quite unique as it is a partnership between Langlade County, The City of Antigo and members of the private sector representing our diverse business climate.


2016 Langlade County Economic Development Corporation Board Members

Management Team:
Angela Close, Executive Director, su.iw1540360860.edal1540360860gnal.1540360860oc@es1540360860olca1540360860
Keri Beck, Administrative Assistant, su.iw1540360860.edal1540360860gnal.1540360860oc@kc1540360860ebk1540360860

Board of Directors:
Brady Koss, President, Ameririse Financial
Thomas Bauknecht, Vice President, City of Antigo
Carol Feller-Gottard, Secretary, County Board – District No. 5 – Fifth Ward – Antigo
Pete Pennington, County Board First Vice-Chairman, County Board – District No. 13-Town of Antigo-Ward 1
Andy Merry, Agriculture, Merry’s Berries
William Brandt, Mayor-City of Antigo, City of Antigo
Thomas Gallenberg, Member, Gallenberg Studio
Fred Westphal, Member, Wisconsin Public Service
Warren Wagner, Member, Elcho Community Pavilion 
Steve Wilder, Member,  Co-Vantage Credit Union
Michael Bernatz, Member, Volm Companies

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

All LCEDC meetings, agendas and minutes are posted on our website.

Monthly Reports

Review our monthly reports, annual report and past reports.


Business Incentives and Credits

The Langlade County Economic Development Corporation would like to thank all of our investors for their generous contributions.