About Langlade County

Langlade County, originally named New County was attached to Shawano County for administrative and judicial purposes until the population had increased to over one- thousand residents. The name New was changed to Langlade to honor Charles de Langlade, a noted officer in both the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars who settled in Green Bay.

Langlade County’s population is over 20,000 today. Our highways serving Langlade County are US Highway 45 and State Highways 47, 52, 55, and 64. Our three industrial parks are located in the City of Antigo, Elcho; north on Hwy 45, and the Village of White Lake; County M south of State Highway 64 in eastern Langlade County, two miles west of the prestigious Wolf River.

Langlade County is a recreation MECA, giving Langlade County its Brand “The County Of Trails”. From Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Rafting or Canoeing, to Snowmobiling, ATVing, dog sledding and Horseback riding, there is a recreational opportunity to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

Langlade County’s outstanding educational facilities offer an excellent venue to begin or continue one’s education. With accredited public schools’ systems, parochial schools, and higher education right on resident’s doorsteps, Langlade County provides students with the necessary tools to succeed.

Quality health care services are abound in Langlade County. The new Langlade Hospital which has been deemed as a Critical Access Care Facility, opened in May of this year and designed with the health care delivery model of the future in mind. It is a two-story 95,000 square foot building with 23 inpatient beds, 3 surgical operating rooms, café with internet access, imaging, laboratory, emergency department/Walk-In clinic and chapel. Other services include; adult health services, birthing center, cancer center, and an Aspirus partner clinic, all state-of-the art facilities. Langlade County also supports many chiropractors, opticians, pharmacies and dental offices, all professionals that are committed to serving the health needs of Langlade County.

Langlade County offers a diverse manufacturing sector and employees 20.9% of the population here. Some types of business that already call Langlade County home include an award winning cheese manufacturer, a manufacture of packaging equipment and products as well as fencing and landscaping fabrics. We have a large gear manufacture for all drilling equipment as well as a flooring mill that supplies NCAA and NBA basketball venues. We are also home to the “Rock Bat” and Mepps World’s #1 Lure, along with many other businesses that thrive in Langlade County.

Logging and Wood Industry
Early on logging was the principal industry in Langlade County. River channels were improved by various private companies. Logs were floated down the Wolf River to Shawano and Oshkosh and on the Eau Claire River to Wausau. Today, the wood products industry in Langlade County alone is estimated as being responsible for 686 jobs, total wages of almost $24 million and $115 million total output, therefore, because of this industry being so strong in Langlade County, a need for a larger skilled workforce to replace retiring workers and support advancing technology was recognized and a partnership was formed between Langlade County, Northcentral Technical College (NCT), Antigo School District, The City of Antigo, The Economic Development Corporation, The Federal Government, and local businesses including Zelazoski Wood Products and Kretz Lumber Company. Out of this, the new Wood Technology Center of Excellence was born. The new 27,000 square foot facility, located on Antigo’s NTC Campus, is dedicated to training students enrolled in the Wood Processes Associate Degree, Wood Manufacturing Technical Diploma and Basic Wood manufacturing Certificate programs on state-of-the art machinery for designing and fabricating wood products. The skills learned in the Wood Technology Program will give students the skills that will last a lifetime in the Wood Manufacturing Industry therefore as the production increases, the jobs created will be filled through the Northcentral Technical College Wood Technology Program located right here in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Agriculture in Langlade County began as a supplemental occupation to logging. The loggers found it impractical to drive out of the timbered areas after winter logging or to haul in feed. Areas were cleared for pasture and wild hay production. Today, both potato and dairy production is the County’s agricultural foundation. Agriculture works hard for Langlade County every day. Family-owned farms, food processors and agriculture-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenues. Langlade County has 132,000 acres of farmland with potato and vegetable production and dairy as the main agricultural enterprises. Langlade County is first in the state in the production of seed potatoes with the majority of the 11,000 acres grown yearly used for seed. The area produces excellent forage crops that support a number of thriving dairy farms. Agriculture provides 1,926 jobs in Langlade County and accounts for $267 million dollars in business sales, contributes $79 million to county income and pays over $6 million in taxes.

Our residents are very proud of their home here in Langlade County. There are many organizations, businesses and volunteers that help make this county prosper.